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Welcome to my blog! I feature travels that are sometimes simple, sometimes grand; sometimes near, and sometimes far. I’m currently based in Hawai’i and love to travel any chance I get. When I’m too broke, I only do local travel. On my blog you’ll find a mix of solo travel, group travel, and couples travel, as well as budget and luxury activities, so there’s something for everyone on my blog. When I’m not traveling, I spend time with my husband and dream of our next trip.

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The monasteries were perched on sandstone rock pillars with breathtaking scenery behind them. Despite having little free time to work with, I immediately knew that somehow I had to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site….

Whatever your packing style and personal needs, nothing is worse than forgetting essential items for a trip, so read on for my suggestions of items to bring with you on your next vacation or business trip.

If you’re taking one of your first trips, a huge decision to be made is whether or not to take an organized group tour or to go on a solo trip that you plan yourself.

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