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Welcome to my blog! My goal is to inspire women & couples to find adventures worldwide. I travel despite having fears and anxiety. I feature travels that are sometimes simple, sometimes grand; sometimes near, and sometimes far. I’m currently based in Montana and love to travel any chance I get. 

On my blog you’ll find a mix of solo travel, group travel, and couples travel, as well as budget and luxury activities, so there’s something for everyone on my blog. When I’m not traveling, I spend time with my husband and dream of our next trip.

I am pleased to say I am a Happier Ambassador for one of my favorite companies, Happier Place. As a Happier Ambassador, I earn from qualifying purchases.  If you decide to purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. Use my code HappierRoaming for 15% off your entire order! Visit their shop. If you love the outdoors and nature, Happier Place has some cool items inspiring you to go outside, have fun, cherish nature, and feel happier. Check out their Happier Place Enamel Metal Mug, my favorite product.

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Blog Highlights

Moving brings with it a lot of anxiety–especially if you’ve never been to the place before! As someone who’s dealt with anxiety for years, and just dealt with the stress of moving, here are some tips that I believe will help you with the anxiety of undertaking such a huge life change.

Here you will find ideas for a two-day itinerary in Yellowstone, based on entering the park from the West Entrance. Read on to find out tips, top sights, and a hidden Instagram spot!

If you’re taking one of your first trips, a huge decision to be made is whether or not to take an organized group tour or to go on a solo trip that you plan yourself.

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