Affiliate Links

Some content on this site contains affiliate links. I clearly identify when affiliate links are present at the start of a post in order to be transparent and in order to abide by legal standards.

With affiliate links, by using a link or discount code I provide, you will gain a discount on a product I love, and I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you–it is a win win situation that gives you some savings and gives me some funds to go towards achieving a happier life or towards future travels.

At times I have discount codes for products that I have been gifted and love but don’t get a commission for. In these instances, you get a product I like, you get savings, and you are fully supporting a business that I am gaining no profits from.

I will let you know when I was gifted an item or if I am recommending an item I won (my guilty pleasure is entering tons of Instagram giveaways!).

My Marketing Philosophy

As someone who is very picky and has anxiety, I can tell you that recommending products is hard. I do my best to only promote products that I recommend and would not hesitate to give to others.

I have turned down many offers of partnerships due to the shadiness or flakiness of the organization, due to moral objections on my part, or due to the fact I don’t think my readers would find the product useful or beneficial. These decisions aren’t always easy and sometimes bring a lot of anxiety as I struggle making them. I want extra cash but don’t want to sell my soul in the process.

I am one of the pickiest persons on earth and can find a flaw in almost anything. So at times I recognize that my viewpoint is tainted by my pickiness and perfectionism, and therefore ignore my pickiness. For example, I have stayed at accommodations where I will critique aspects of them while my husband is perfectly happy with places we stayed at during a vacation. So I might recommend the place while noting or implying I was slightly unhappy and noting my husband or friends liked it.

At times I might make the decision to recommend the place and ignore my pickiness if my pickiness at times borders on unreasonableness. For example, finding one hair on the floor or one corner with some dust in an otherwise spotless accommodation doesn’t mean that the place doesn’t clean–it means that I am being insanely picky. However, if I judge I’m not being unreasonable, I will express my dissatisfaction so you can be fully informed and avoid something I hated and that I believe a normal person would hate as well.

I try really hard to ensure my recommendations are fair and honest. I turned down at least one very lucrative one-time paid promotion. Being honest and keeping my readers happy is of utmost importance to me.

If you ever have a bad experience or bad product come from one of my recommendations, please let me know by dropping me an email or messaging me on social media so that I will be aware of the issue and can reevaluate my partnership. Your thoughts and opinions matter to me, and the trust of my readers is something I never want to lose.

Enjoy roaming near and far!

Best wishes,