Shopping, Dining, Activities in Helena, and More

I love Helena. I love the town’s surrounding mountains, the town lit up at night, the sunsets, the buildings, the people, and the unique ways Helena changes during the four seasons.

I want to share with you some of the highlights and things to do in Helena, Montana. I’ve already found places I like and dislike, and will update this post when there are significant changes (this is my 3rd revision, dated January 2023). There are so many things to do in Helena, Montana!

Despite the sometimes crazy weather and the drawn-out winter, visiting or living in Helena, Montana, is great. I moved here on New Year’s Eve 2019, unaware of all that would happen in 2020. Unfortunately, many circumstances have led to the price of living to dramatically increase, but nonetheless, Helena remains an enjoyable place to visit and there are tons of cool things to do in Helena, Montana.

Helena is the capital of Montana, and is a college town as well. It has a nice blend of historic, vintage, and hipster vibes. In 1875, Helena became the capital of what was originally the Montana Territory. If you’re interested in Helena’s history, steeped in its mining and gold rush background, read about it here.

So without further ado, here are some of the top places to eat, drink, shop, and explore, so that you can have insider knowledge of some of the best things to do in Helena, Montana. If you have questions, email me or DM me on Instagram, or if you want to weigh in on your favorite things to do in Helena, post them in the comments below!

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Things to do in Helena: Shopping

Helena offers great opportunities to support small businesses, whether buying a gift for someone or treating yourself to a cool item or souvenir. Here are my favorite stores so far. A trip down Last Chance Gulch to look at the shops is a must when looking for things to do in Helena!

Pro Tip: Depending on when you plan to visit, several featured shops close for the holidays or for inventory for several days after Christmas each year, and some stores are closed on Sundays and/or Mondays, so if you have your heart set on a store, plan ahead and check their current hours on their social media channels or call them to ask.

Sage & Oats Trading Post

Sage & Oats Trading Post has been in Helena 5 years. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Michelle, who owns the store with her husband. It’s a Native-owned business, given that her husband, Major, is Northern Cheyenne. Michelle is of Scotch Irish heritage. The thing I love about their shop is how culturally diverse it is.

Their shop is filled with amazing products. Michelle said they wanted to celebrate Montana’s cultural diversity, which is why they sell products that are Scandinavian, Celtic, European, Asian, Montanan, and Native American. Many of the items are handmade by local vendors and artists, such as medicinal teas, jewelry, candles, soaps, and magnets. Some items are imported goods, such as embossed rolling pins from Poland. 

Whether you’re buying Native American goods, multicultural food items, Montana made treasures, or some of their fun geeky products, there is definitely a gift for everyone on your holiday and birthday shopping lists at this cute store!

They share a space with Buzz Boutique at 424 N Last Chance Gulch. Best thing yet is you can also shop online from the comfort and safety of your home!  Shop on Etsy (click here) or their website: 

So far, my favorite products I’ve purchased from them are “Blackfeet Indian Made All Natural Lip Balm” and also an herbal tea that’s great for colds, called “Drum Song Tea.” I’ve found many cool food items and a neat stained glass feather.

General Mercantile Store

The General Mercantile has a great selection of gifts, novelty items, teas, games, gag gifts, candy, greeting cards, and more. They have delicious coffee, tea, and beverages to take “to go” or while sitting in one of the store’s many nooks. The store has a vibe of a unique gift store meets Old West charm. 

Wild Child Collective

Another favorite store of mine is Wild Child Collective. It has tons of Montana mugs, Montana clothing, Montana-themed items, self-care items, gourmet items, house décor, and baby clothes. Many of the items are very hipster or very chic, and are for the Montana lover. This would be another great place to get some gifts or souvenirs.

Montana Book Co.

Where I came from, we didn’t have great bookstores carrying new releases once Borders went out of business. So I’m thankful to have Montana Book Co. in Helena. They have a broad selection of new books for adults, teens, and children. They also sell Montana tourism books, vinyl records, writing supplies, stationery, coloring books, bookish items, fun snarky stickers, and much more.

Montana Book Co. really stepped up as well with the Black Lives Matter movement by stocking a ton of books about racial justice, Black history, and racism. They value staff and customer safety. They also are good about special orders, whether you want to order a new book or to track down a used book.  They are getting an amazing remodel and beautification in 2023!

Four o’ Six

One of the first things you’ll notice in Montana is several cars with this store’s logo sticker. In case you didn’t know, 406 is the area code for Montana, so no wonder the sticker is popular. This is a lifestyle and clothing brand and is popular with locals. I bought one of their Montana shirts and I also bought an area-specific shirt that I custom ordered on a shirt color I liked better than the standard color (special orders are an option to get a design on one of their other shirts if the default colors don’t suit you).

Put this perfect 406 shirt design to a color I liked.

Shop ’til Ya Drop

This list is far from exhaustive, so be sure to take a stroll through Downtown Helena and check out other areas of Helena to see all the cool shops! There are thrift stores, clothing stores, gift shops, and much, much more!

Things to do in Helena: Dining

I love to eat good food, so here are some of my recommended restaurants for places to eat when you’re looking for things to do in Helena!

Pro tip: Plan out the places you want to eat and check their current hours! There are many restaurants that are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Breakfast is my least favorite meal to eat out for, as I am often underwhelmed with breakfast offerings. Nothing is worse than shelling out money for bland eggs or cold hash browns. There is at least one breakfast in Helena I really didn’t like and I never went back. Over time, I’ve eventually given more breakfast places in or near Helena a chance, and these are my favorites. The Hardware Cafe and Steve’s Cafe are both popular with some colleagues, and a local Facebook group had lots of good things to say about the Breakfast Club.

The Hardware Cafe

Located in Montana City, this is technically outside of Helena, but it is really a hop and a skip away since you’re essentially only driving 7.3 miles out of town. I still haven’t tried the Hardware Cafe for lunch or dinner, but we had them for breakfast and they were delicious! I definitely keep thinking about their Hardware Skillet breakfast choice! They also have decent brewed coffee, as I can drink it black rather than dousing it in sugar like most coffee I get at restaurants. One exciting update is they opened a smaller, drive-through location in Helena as well.

Steve’s Cafe

Steve’s Cafe is a Helena staple. Steve’s Cafe has two locations (one location on Custer Avenue is open certain days and the other on North Montana Avenue is open certain days), and serves breakfast and lunch. We enjoyed our breakfast immensely, as it was very filling and a good price with great portions. I had a breakfast item breakfast and my husband had one of their lunch burgers. The service was really great even though they were busy– for example, the waitress was very friendly and my coffee was endlessly topped off.

Rockstarr BBQ

Rockstar BBQ is a cool place for breakfast or other meals. Right now, they are somewhat hidden in the Famers State Bank / Headwaters Crafthouse building. But don’t let the location fool you, this place is home to an amazing breakfast burrito, a Southwestern Green chile burrito! My husband and I both loved it, and felt instantly nostalgic for a road trip we did through New Mexico a few years ago. I’m excited for the day Rockstarr BBQ gets its own restaurant in a more prominent location, but for now, grab a table at their cozy location! I recently tried some of their delicious tacos as well.

The Creperie

This is a French creperie with sweet and savory crepes as well as espresso and salads. It’s a small establishment. When I went in, I was so torn over what to get that I ordered and pigged out on three different types of crepes (2 savory and one sweet), and enjoyed them all. 

The Breakfast Club

If you love breakfast burritos, latte, and fast food, but want to support local over huge corporations, The Breakfast Club has good breakfast burritos, good lattes, and has a convenient drive through.

Places to Eat in Helena: Lunch and Dinner

Please note that these are all good restaurants, and they aren’t listed in any order.

The Old Salt Outpost

Old Salt Outpost has to-die for burgers. They are juicy and made with Montana beef. They also have great nugget fries. Try them with the burger sauce! I end up craving these burgers.

Right now they are located within a bar, but they are going to expand into a former restaurant’s location with exciting additions. Once you try Old Salt Outpost, you will have to try not to cry when eating fast food burgers, since fast food burgers wish they were Old Salt Outpost! When considering things to do in Helena, getting a burger at The Old Salt Outpost should be on your bucket list, especially if you want to brag about trying Montana beef.

Benny’s Bistro

My husband and I just had lunch here for the first time. It was really great! The atmosphere is cozy, jazzy, and relaxing, and the service was wonderful. The sodas were truly bottomless. We both had different paninis. My husband had a Greek Salad and the coleslaw, and I had a side of bread and tomato soup. This local and scratch-made fare was great. We finished the meal with some delicious huckleberry Crème brûlée that we both enjoyed immensely.

The Hopper

This is a fun Downtown Helena restaurant with tasty food and hipster vibes. They pride themselves on their “scratch-made and locally-sourced fare.”

Savour + Graze

Savour + Graze is a wonderful family-owned business. I’ve had great experiences with them for both personal and professional use. I’ve used them for events, including once ordering their coveted and wildly popular charcuterie cones. Personally, on occasion I splurged and ordered a charcuterie box for date night, such as our anniversary. Lots of attention goes into finding quality and tasty cheese and other delights. Whether you’re looking for a wedding vendor, a date night at home, or catering for a party, you’ll find only delighted smiles from your guests when you choose Savour + Graze.

Mediterranean Grill

I am always reminiscing over our honeymoon to Greece and Turkey. The Mediterranean Grill was founded in 2004 and has indoor as well as patio seating. They are known for their Sunday brunches. The owner is from Turkey originally, so you can count on the food being authentic.

We enjoyed our meal here and the food rivalled what we ate in Greece and Turkey. Their stuffed grape leaves, spinakopita, Pizza Margherita, gyro sandwich, and baklava were all delicious. If you’re craving food from the Mediterranean, this is the place for you, since their menu is inspired by Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Northern Africa, Morocco, and the Middle East.

The Silver Star

The Silver Star is the Best Western Great Northern Hotel’s restaurant. It’s also popular with locals and business people. I enjoyed their huckleberry mule, which is a huckleberry Moscow Mule, and their bison burger. Whether it’s for cocktails, a date, or a business meeting, the Silver Star is a good choice to keep on your radar.

The menu has changed quite a bit while I’ve been in Helena, and based on the current menus, I’d potentially recommend you try the bar dining side for more casual fare, and the non-bar part of the restaurant if you want a more upscale dining experience.

The Silver Star

Helena Hokkaido Ramen & Izakaya

Dine here for some tasty ramen and sushi. I was happy to find a place to replace the ramen place I left behind in my old town. They really are a great ramen place. In addition, they have a great selection of sake.

Pita Pit

This is a yummy addition to your quick meal options or satisfying a lunchtime gyro craving.

Mountain Berry Bowls

If you love acai bowls, Mountain Berry Bowls in Helena, Montana, is positively addicting! They are available via a food truck during the summer months only.


For sushi or hibachi in Helena, Hokkaido is the place to go. But to to 100% transparent, my favorite sushi in Montana is in Bozeman so far. But I would say that Hokkaido has the best sushi for Helena.

Cafe Zydeco

This restaurant was recommended to me by someone from Georgia who loves Southern food. I have tried their Shrimp Po-Boy with both grilled shrimp and deep fried shrimp and hush puppies, and thought they were good. Their Beignets were delicious.


I love the sandwiches and soup served at Cheddar’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese. I am still always a little sad though that they had gotten rid of some of the breakfast and beverage things they did so well when they used to be “Lattes and Sundaes.”

Bakeries, Coffee Shops, and Cafes that do it all

1889 Coffee

I enjoyed a latte here as well as a hot sandwich–it was either the Reuben or the 1889 Hot Pastrami–and it was very good. I loved their upstairs seating area, and would say they have the nicest ambiance and view of all the Helena coffee establishments I’ve tried thus far. I could easily imagine working on the computer or chilling out with a book on their upper floor. They also have good coffee and baked goods.

The Vanilla Bean

This place is so cute! My husband and I sampled several of their baked goods and enjoyed them. I haven’t tried their sandwiches yet, but they do make a good latte. The desserts are good (I’ve tried their brownies, a cupcake, sugar cookies, and cheesecake cups). They also sell some cool branded merchandise.

Cotton Top Pastries

Located right next to Reeder’s Alley, check out this sweet little bakery if you’re lucky enough to be in town when they are open. We enjoyed their Canelo du Bordeaux, lavender poppy Financiers, and some really delicious caramel sea salt buns.

The Grateful Bread Bakery and Cafe

They have the best clam chowder on earth that I’ve tasted thus far, and they have great bread as well as some baked goods.

Park Avenue Bakery

I didn’t enjoy the coffee, but I promise you, these are some of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever. I’ve never had a chocolate chip cookie that rivals a homemade chocolate chip cookie until I tried the ones at Park Avenue Bakery. Park Ave Bakery also has an insanely delicious earl grey cake!

Sunflower Bakery

Sunflower Bakery has great quiche, delicious gallettes (if you’re lucky enough to find a day they’re serving them), and good bread. I’ve enjoyed their cinnamon rolls as well. Definitely yet another bakery to try in Helena!

Scenic Brew

I love my coffee, and Scenic Brew is yet another great coffee place. I find that it is a cozy set-up inside, and we love some of their blended coffee drinks, which rival or surpass Starbucks. 

The Dive Bakery and Cafe

This cafe has good desserts, sandwiches, and soup. I finally got around to trying them in 2022 and definitely would go back, and have a friend who loves going there as well. Keep in mind that they are closed weekends.


Is this a chain store? Yes. But it also is a great place to get huge cookies, and they are open super late on Fridays and Saturdays, and also have much later hours than most other bakeries. If you’re craving big cookies, these are super popular and loved by adults as well as teens.

The Hub

Although their parfait bowl isn’t anything to rave about, I loved the two Hub Signature Sodas and a lotus drink that I have tried. For their signature sodas, I tried their Lemon Apple Fizz (fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and their own ginger simple syrup with club soda) and their Mango Ginger Soda. One day I bought a fancy pastry, which was tasty and high quality, and tried their Italian Sandwich, which I’d also recommend for a lunch choice.

The Hub

Helena Booze


Trying the great beers is on my top list of recommendations for things to do in Helena as well as Montana in general! In Helena we have Blackfoot River Brewing Co, Ten Mile Creek Brewery, Lewis & Clark Brewing Co, Copper Furrow Brewing, Ascension Brewing, Speakeasy 41, and Missouri River Brewing Company!

I like all the breweries, but want to highlight two especially:

Speakeasy 41

This is one of the most fun breweries since you enter through bookcase doors and the brewery has prohibition themed decorations. It just all feels very cozy and chic, plus the beer is great!

Ascension Brewery

This is the newest brewery in town! It is unique since it has an upper and lower level. The upper level has an outdoor patio overlooking downtown Helena and Mount Helena. This would be great for chilling with friends or a date. When I first tried them, they had an amazing food provider inside, but sadly that provider closed. I’m hoping they will find a good replacement to eventually partner with! They share a building with a coffee shop as well as with a coworking space.

Pro tip: If you’re planning a vacation to Montana or love breweries as much as me, consider getting the Montana Reel Craft Pass or the MTN Brewery Pass. For me personally, I wasn’t able to get the full use of the craft pass (which is BOGO for beer pints at several breweries), so I didn’t get it a second year in a row, but the MTN Brewery Pass (which lets you get a free growler fill, if you bring a growler with you or buy one) was an insane deal that I got a lot of use out of, so I bought it for a second year in a row.


The Hawthorne Bottle Shop

Located in the downtown Helena walking mall, The Hawthorne Bottle Shop is a cool place to enjoy a drink and buy some wine, cider, or beer. I love the frose they have in the summer, and this winter they had Glugg, which is an amazing hot mulled wine sure to make your spirits soar. It is fun to see their selection of wine and buy some new favorites.

Martin’s Wines

Another cute small wine shop in Downtown Helena is Martin’s Wines. I haven’t visited very much, but enjoyed it the times I did, and likely will go more given a couple of the places I shopped for wine have recently closed down.

A Great Crafthouse to Try

Headwaters Crafthouse

I LOVE this tap house! They are located in the same building as Rockstarr BBQ and Farmers State Bank, an amazing building with a cool kind of cyberpunk/retro feel that is hard to describe with words. Headwaters has an amazing selection of Montana beers on tap and beers from other states, ciders, and wine.

During the summer, I adore having a drink outside with friends or colleagues. I just love the location since it still feels exciting and new, as well as all the possibilities it offers with its wide selection. It also is convenient because you can open a tab and if you want, you can just leave when you feel like it without formally checking out, and they’ll add a tip and close out your tab.

This would be the perfect location to try out a ton of Montana beers and ciders without leaving Helena, especially if you aren’t going to get to travel around Montana during your trip.

Gulch Distillers

Gulch Distillers is a fun distillery, the only one in Helena. Check them out for some local spirits and get a cocktail while you’re at it, such as the “German in Paradise” cocktail!

Liquor Stores

Due to the rules, you can only buy beer and wine in stores, and spirits can only be bought from liquor stores.

Rocky Mountain Liquor

My favorite liquor store! Home of Montana’s biggest humidor and selling a wide variety of cigars, this large, spacious, and impressive liquor store should have everything your heart desires. You also can order online and pick up your order through Montana’s first ever drive-through window (you can’t buy at the window, you must order in advance). They also can deliver to your house. 

MT Glass Liquor

This is my second favorite liquor store so far out of the ones I visited in Helena. They have a nice, no-nonsense selection of mainly spirits. I also love their punny name.

Island Liquor

I also am fond of Island Liquor since they have some beer, a nice variety of wine, and some spirits. I’ve found some decent wines there, including an ice wine. This place isn’t as fancy as the other stores, but is a solid choice.

A Note about Liquor Laws

One adjustment moving to Helena from Hilo, Hawai’i, was all the odd rules around liquor here. You can’t get spirits in the grocery store, only beer and wine. And the state-owned liquor stores are closed on Sundays.

Breweries need to stop serving beer at 8pm, as do distilleries, so you can’t go brewery hopping too late in the day. Bars and restaurants can serve much later than 8pm since they are serving food. At the breweries, you can only legally be served 48oz. of beer, and at the distilleries, the cap is 2 ounces of liquor. This outside blog post has a simple recap of most of these rules. So when planning activities with friends or things to do in Helena, Montana, keep these restrictions in mind so you don’t miss trying any breweries or distilleries you have your heart set on!

Things to do in Helena: Entertainment

Helena, Montana, is truly a great  town for the fine arts. Local residents and visitors alike love our Helena Symphony, Grandstreet Theater, and much more, so the fine arts remain one of the top things to do in Helena.

The Helena Symphony

The Helena Symphony has wonderful concerts. To date, my favorite production was Carmen. I was in awe the entire time and in a happy mood for days. If you told me a town of under 35K would have a world-class symphony, I would have laughed, thinking that only possible for a huge city like Chicago. But it is true, we have an amazing symphony with great local talent, a masterful conductor, and amazing guest performers brought in for these special, one-night-only performances. Best yet, the prices are pretty reasonable!

In addition, the Helena Symphony’s Symphony Under the Stars is a huge local and tourist attraction held outdoors every July. Unless you’re getting some very limited front stage seating, the event is free with a canned food donation. I’ll probably never get over the fact I missed a Billy Joel and Elton John themed Symphony Under the Stars in 2022 since I had to go out of state that weekend!

The Myrna Loy

Named after the famous Hollywood darling, “The Queen of Hollywood,” who hailed from Helena, Montana, the Myrna Loy is a cool small theater showing primarily indie films, along with other small concerts and events. The building was once a jail, so you can see history and a few exhibits as well…It is also rumored to be a haunted building. 

I’ll be honest, I love this theater because they have amazing popcorn that isn’t as expensive as box office theaters, and you can get beer or wine here. Thus, when my husband is dragging me to a horror indie film, I can have a couple of drinks to take the edge off!

The Myrna Loy has provided many a fun date night, as we’ve watched “Lamb,” “The Outfit,” “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once,” “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies,” “Cyrano de Bergerac,” and more indie films here. (By the way, “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” is one of the best movies ever, if the awards it is winning aren’t a clue.)


Our mainstream box office theater in Helena, Montana, is also pretty great. My old hometown had a run down theater, so it is nice having what still feels like a high-quality theater to watch the latest flicks on the silver screen. They also have an auditorium with Cinemark XD, if you’re looking for the biggest screen your money can buy here.


You can also watch live stage productions at the Carroll College FLEX Theater if you’d like to support college students (and sometimes community members!), or there is the Grandstreet Theatre, which many people love and which has put on musicals, dramas, children’s musicals, and more. Grandstreet also runs campus for children. I’ve had the honor of being in a Carroll Play once so far, and hope to one day make my Grandstreet debut when I can get cast in a Grandstreet play.

Things to do in Helena: Explore

Get an amazing Massage

One of the best things to do after a long work day or during a vacation is to get a massage. I’ve had massages in Hawai’i, Montana, Turkey, and Greece, and one of the best masseuses I’ve ever used is Liz, who owns Mountain View Massage. Liz is amazing at what she does. The first time she ever massaged my face and scalp, I nearly cried because it was that soothing. She is very skilled in deep tissue work, and you can tell by her technique she has done a lot of training and is vested in being the best she can be.

I first found Liz when she worked for another company in town. I was sad she left and tried another masseuse, but once you’ve had the best, it is hard to settle for less. Thankfully I was able to track down Liz at her new location in downtown Helena. If you’re in need of pain relief or some rest and relaxation, and want to have a memorable massage when looking for things to do in Helena, then Liz is your gal!

Explore downtown Helena

Helena is a great place to explore when the weather is mild enough. There are cool historic buildings as long as several ghost signs to be seen, all in downtown. There’s a walking mall with cool shops, including Big Dipper Ice Cream, another place I recommend in Helena, since getting ice cream with a date or with the family is another one of our fun things to do in Helena. Here is a guide as well from Downtown Helena.

Walk along Reeder’s Alley

If you want a look at Helena’s past and get a taste of architecture in the 1870’s, the oldest intact piece of the town is Reeder’s Alley. Its buildings are a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places. I’ve visited in both winter and spring and find it to be a charming street that all visitors should check out. I love the streetlamps, buildings, and brick walkway. If you’re a history buff or love quaint things, then don’t miss Reeder’s Alley when you’re picking out things to do in Helena, Montana!

Cathedral of St. Helena

This is definitely one of my favorite Cathedrals. It is absolutely awe-inspiring. Its marble pillars and gorgeous stained glass will take your breath away. Construction began in 1908 and its first mass was held in 1914. It’s listed in the National Register of Historic Places and I highly recommend a visit if you like to see churches and places of worship when you travel.

Outdoor activities

Helena has over 70+ miles of hiking trails. Two popular places are Mount Helena, which is one of the most iconic landmarks here, and Mount Ascension. There are also the Scratchgravel Hills. Helena is also known for its mountain biking and fly fishing. Here are some examples of the trail network we have here. There is almost no limit to outdoor things to do in Helena, Montana.

Spring Meadow Lake State Park

This is a cool place to visit if you just want a leisurely stroll around a lake or to hang out. There is a small fee for non-residents.

Visit Carroll College

Considering College? Check out this beautiful campus. It is picturesque all seasons of the year.

Take Amazing Day Trips

Not only are there many things to do in Helena, Montana, but there are also many adventures to be found with Helena, Montana, as a home base. I have had many amazing day trips to places like Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls, Butte, various ghost towns, and much more. Helena is almost exactly halfway between Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park, so Helena is a perfect resting point between these two amazing national parks. If you stay in Helena for a few days, you can easily do many cool day trips.

Many of these trips still need to be written up, so here is a small selection of some of the many adventures you can find if you want to go to adventures beyond things to do in Helena, Montana:

Things to do in Helena: If You Have Practical Needs (Locals and Tourists)

Real Estate

Riley Kurtz of 406 Houses is the best of the best! Riley is patient, honest, and caring. I’ve always found it difficult at times to relate to realtors, since sometimes they can feel very inauthentic, like the used car salesman stereotype we’re so used to, so I felt so fortunate to find Riley because he puts all the stereotypes to shame! 

I truly felt like Riley wanted us to succeed and he looked out for us, even when he could tell this was our first rodeo. He actually still keeps in touch, so it feels like he cares about us as persons and is vested in keeping relationships with people, not running away as soon as the house closes. He definitely made buying a house less stressful.


One of my favorite billboard ads was here in town, with a lion labeled “other lenders” and kittens labeled “our lenders.” It was a clever ad for Farmers State Bank I saw months after getting our mortgage. Kara Lyng was who we worked with, and she made getting a mortgage easy and enjoyable since she sincerely wanted us to have a good experience, she was knowledgeable and patient, she answered our questions, and she was caring. 

When in the 11th hour other lenders were giving me the runaround or ignoring me since I was trying to find the best deal, and a Billings broker had majorly insulted me and my husband, I found Kara Lyng when I was nearing the end of my rope and she came through for me, making the world of mortgages less intimidating and overwhelming.  

Other Practical Vendors

Ghost Art Gallery is a great shop in Downtown Helena. I’ve used them for some framing jobs and they did a great job. I also admire much of their artwork that they sell. 

Explore Helena

As I noted above, this post will be updated when I find new places to rave about, or new things to do in Helena, Montana, so be sure to bookmark or pin this post if you’ll be visiting Helena in the near future. This list isn’t an exhaustive list of things to do in Helena, as there are many more things to do, whether visiting one of our museums, finding a cool local band, or going to a restaurant not listed. Due to time constraints and the cost of doing everything, I still haven’t been able to experience all this town has to offer, but I have experienced a lot.

Due to the cost of staying at any type of accommodation, this list doesn’t include places to stay in Helena. With my day job, I’ve had good experiences doing business with the Helena Home2Suites Hotel and The Great Northern Hotel, but I haven’t been able to personally stay in any Helena vacation accommodations. If you own a holiday rental or hotel in Helena, and are open to a collaboration, I’d love to chat with you!

Overall, I love Helena and I’m so happy I moved here. I hope this list helps you to discover some things to love and things to do in Helena, the Capital of Montana.

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