***Note: Some of the following items contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I or a fellow traveler will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. These items will be marked with an asterisk. That being said, we’re only recommending items that we fully believe in and use in our own travels!***

If you’re shopping for a traveler this holiday season, it can feel pretty risky. Travelers often have their favorite products and brands. If they’re minimalists, it becomes even more challenging to find gifts since they don’t want to lug a ton of items with them!

Don’t despair, some of my fellow traveler friends and I have come up with the ultimate gift guide perfect for the traveler in your life.

One. A Unique Necklace or Bracelet to Commemorate a Special Trip. I recently was gifted with a Greek coin necklace from Wanderercoin Jewelry. I love it! I’ve turned down several brand collabs but took this one since I thought my readers would love a cool memento like this. Etsy is a great marketplace of entrepreneurs and unique gifts instead of mass-produced items. You can save 15% off your purchase by using the promo code ROAM15. All proceeds go to her–I don’t make any money off any sales of her jewelry. Click here to see her products or request a special coin if she doesn’t have the country you want!

Two. Noise Canceling Headphones. This is one item I haven’t splurged on yet but do want! These come recommended by Alysha, @womaninwanderlust. She says: “Bose noise cancelling headphones! They are my must have, especially for those long haul flights. That’s number one on my MUST HAVE list – splurging on them was so worth it because they make flying so much more enjoyable! Honestly, aside from the necessary items (passport, weather appropriate clothes/shoes, etc.), give me my headphones and my Kindle and I’m good to go!” She bought her headphones a few years ago, so they aren’t the current series. However, the fact she’s had them so long is a good sign! Click here for a link to headphones.

Three. Airbnb Gift Cards, Hotel Gift Cards, or Flight Vouchers. Give your beloved traveler the gift of an extra night abroad or the ability to upgrade from the type of place they’d usually stay. A lot of travelers cut costs by staying at a cheap accommodations, so having the ability to book a nice hotel or Airbnb can be a real treat. Better yet, give flight vouchers for their next escape!

Four. A Travel Fan.* Stephanie, of @stephanies_travels, recommends a portable travel fan. She says, “This may seem crazy but this is one of my favorite travel items I always take! It’s lightweight, can be used with a USB so I can use my power bank for it, and I’ve used it a ton! Several times it’s either a place with no AC where it gets too warm and it was so useful in Antarctica that I could’ve probably sold it for $200! Sounds crazy because you think of freezing in Antarctica.”   Stephanie also said she used it in Bali and that it was “a life-saver.” Find it here.

Five. A Coolibar SPF Jacket.* As I mentioned in my post on what to pack for a trip abroad, I find this handy on my trips abroad to help protect me from the sun. This adds an extra layer of sun protection for me, and allows me to protect myself from the sun in between photo shoots since it’s pretty lightweight. Find it here.

Six. Environmentally-Friendly Toiletries. Gemma, of @gem_coutts, says: “My body/shampoo/natural deodorant bars from are the best things I’ve bought for travel as they don’t count as a liquid, are environmentally friendly, come in compostable packaging, and are vegan products. Who wants to cart plastic with them while they travel? I purchase various bars from Ethique and The Dirty Hippie, both are New Zealand businesses (local for me), which is why I support them too.” Click here.

Seven. A pretty journal.* This works best if you know someone’s taste. I’m seeing tons of cool travel-related journals and bullet journals, but if you want to be on the safe side, just get a regular lined journal with a back pocket to store things like ticket stubs. I want to one day create a journal that allows me to break down all my experiences more in-depth for my travel blog, but for now, my journal works perfectly for me when I’m lucky enough to travel somewhere. This is the one I’m currently using.

Eight. A Refreshing Treat for the Plane. Terri of @euhemerist and the travel, personal growth, and minimalism blog The Euhemerist, recommends a special spritzing water for the plane. “Caudalie Grape Water is amazing for soothing and hydrating your skin, so it’s perfect for the dry airplane air,” she says, “You can buy it on Sephora, and they have a travel size!” It’s also available on the Caudalie website. This would make a great stocking stuffer, methinks!

Nine. A Location-Specific Gift. This one is tricky, but if someone just booked or planned a trip for next year, try to do some recon. See if they already have language books and travel guides for that location. If not, find a pocket guide or a map, books like that, to help them prepare for the trip!

We hope this guide is helpful to you and will aid you in picking out the perfect guide for the traveler in your life. Happy Holidays!

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